Encore for “Svaromfal” at the ceremonial opening of “Taktons” fondacija 10/11/2019

Encore for "Svaromfal" at the ceremonial opening of "Taktons"


With the multimedia performance “Light of the Center”, performed by Vladimir Labat and his musical group “Svaromfal”, the international competition of sound recordings “Taktons” was officially opened. The special guest of the concert this time was the famous jazzer Hamid Drake, one of the most important musicians on drums and percussion in the world and a master of improvisation.

As a technical support for the performance of this performance, the VRL Foundation provided acoustic sculptures to ASL. The Labat acoustic sculptures, on which the musicians played, are sculptural works by Mr. Labat and as such are unique in the world, and for the first time at “Taktons” an encore took place at the request of the audience that filled all the seats in the hall. ASL sculptures are imposing artistic constructions on which several musicians can play at the same time, improvising, harmonizing with themselves, but also with the audience, who in this unreal music making becomes an active participant in the omnisensory creation.

The first ASL sculptures, unique in the world, were made in the early seventies. With their creation, creative-spiritual music making on them began, called SVAROMFAL (Light of the Center). By making music and creating new ASL sculptures, improvised vocal-instrumental ensembles were created over time, which found a place in many scores of world composers and performers.

"I am happy that we were able to share and multiply our happiness with so many people in the audience. It's fantastic when the audience brings you back to the stage at an event like Tactons. I believe that at the root of everything that happened tonight is precisely the notion of happiness. At the age of 74 and 50 years of work, I managed to preserve in myself the child's joy of creating and sharing through play. Tonight we all played and had fun, aware that we were doing something again for the first time, delighted with how we understood each other on stage through sounds and harmony, delighted with the inspiration and harmony with the instruments, with each other, with the audience, and with ourselves. I am grateful that I feel that after this all-sensory experience we awakened a lot of beauty, goodness and life potential of each individual who was present"

Vlada Labat

"It's not the first time I've played with Vlad on these fantastic sculptures, but every time I'm surprised again and again by the impression that I'm not playing the instrument, but that the instrument is guiding me. It's always a challenge to stand in front of these sculptures knowing that they are made of pure love and energy, and it's a completely different experience than playing regular drums. That requires courage. For me, every musical performance with Vlad and these wonderful people is actually a process of learning and personal development"

Hamid Drake

The international competition of sound recordings “Taktons”, which is organized for the seventeenth time by the Radio-television of Vojvodina, will be held from November 6 to 9, 2019 in Studio M in Novi Sad. This year, there are 99 recordings in the competition selection, in sixteen categories.